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After a Contextual Practice I went to my location for its survey, where I planed to make my design , the Embassy of Russia. 

Screen Shot 2019-12-04 at 7.20.53 PM.pngScreen Shot 2019-12-04 at 7.20.42 PM.png



On the site survey workshop we had to come in groups and analyze the the area around Archway, unfortunately it's not the location where I want to put my design in but the exercise gave me a great understanding of what I have do for site analysis in future and for my current project. Me and my peers went to the Waterlow park, the area around was very busy and what is interesting is that the park is located over hills and at the bottom is the archway are where normal Londoners live but as you go to the top up the hill to the Highgate village, you cans that citizens with higher income live there. 


What we all noticed is that even though the park is located in the middle of the city the second you enter noice decrease and you start hearing birds and dogs. there area lot of children around some are on the playground that is located closer to the exit.

Park is surrounded by private business  and a hospital and school. 

we visited park on the 3 of December at 12.30 pm


CRIT DAY (introduction to place Thresholds)

On the of the crits my project wasn't finally finished, I was still in process of developing my final design but I had developed a full research and concept and thats what I proposed to my peerpeerss.


As a main concept i was thinking of making an elevated pavilion that could take many different forms an be turned into a playground/ restaurant/ gallery or a leisure place. I will be designed to move the pedestrian from the ground up where the air will be less polluted and leave the ground for private vehicles and public transport. I will continue to develop my design for Dence City project around Old St. location.




The project brief we got is very complicated I would say it's the hardest I faced so far on foundation, for primary research I'm taking a lot of photographs of doors entries paths where light shows the way, I'm also looking in to key holes since threshold os a transition between places , situations ,times. 



Thinking about the purpose of building

SURVIVLE CAPSULE, PSS( Personal Safety System)

 I was thinking a lot about the purpose of the Building  I was designing , it seemed to easy just to put in on site and let it be there. I came across temperate architecture and movable designs, one of the designs I looked at was Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects relax: Wooden Cabin on Wheels. The quote from 'Small Architecture Now' a new book by Kleine Bauten and Philip Jodidio, 'In architecture today, small is big, although the trend is one born out of necessity.’ I would completely agree with that quote, the beauty of architecture is the ability to manipulate the space in a way to satisfy needs of the people, and now with the overpopulation problem the world is facing today Tiny Architecture is one of the solutions that humanity created. “When the money disappears more small structures are created,” posits the author, Philip Jodidio. A bonus is that “small buildings often provide architects a degree of freedom that cannot be obtained in gigantic public or corporate projects”.

When thinking about Tiny Architecture mostly Japan comes to my mind and their problem with overpopulation of elders and low birthrate. The rough population density of the Tokyo area comes to 6,224.66 people living per square kilometre. That’s why architects study limited space and optimal usage of it. Another problem that Japanese architects and engineers are finding solutions for are natural disasters , such as tsunamis and earthquakes. that’s when I came across survival capsules. The Tsunami Survival Capsule is designed to save lives during a Tsunami event. It is designed to analysis for load cases such as initial Tsunami impact, large debris impact, sharp object penetration and many more. The capsule resides on a stand beside the residence covered by a shroud, coloured to suit the environment. A bright colour is used to aid recovery. The function of the capsule is to ride the Tsunami, rather than run from it. 
I plan to combine the primal purpose of the capsule in my design so it can become a safe hotel in case of tsunami. 




To understand the projects brief it was easier for me to firstly do some secondary research to look at what inspired designers and architects.I enjoy working with space and who people and objects occupy it. On this brief softer and bolder forms appear on my mind works of Daniel Arsham who’s sculptures bare white and simple on there own but put in the right settings makes you think of the of so simple and pure form of their structure. I started with doing very sharp and abstract model but it wasn’t what I wanted to explore over this project , from moment is more of a soft, life like crawling  that I wanted to give to my design.
I yet don’t know how my final design would look but I want to give it a light bobble like movement the dripping and gliding like effect maybe flying. I want to further work on fast models because it helps me to develop more original ideas. I know I want see it in a natural landscape, bringing futuristic and alien like feeling to the place it will be at. As a function it will serve as a hotel a place where family can enjoy a winter ski holiday and hide in a snow night. 
My secondary research involved a lot of small architecture and space management what I want to explore in my design.




I did primary research over the weekend and had some idea related to what out topic was about, I see this project brief as more of a concept based project, as I started my research with entires  and doors I was thinking about the gap or the passage that one crosses. During the lecture I was more driven to Political concept as Sarah talked about Tramp and threshold he created I thought about Communism and post communism time how Soviet Union was ended and what gap it left in Russian history. I started researching Thresholds in Communism time and damage of Iron curtain.

I was introduced to the Site Survey and the importance of analysing data. There are two types of site analysis 'Soft data' when collected information can be changed and "Hard data" information that cant be changed as climate, legal documents, infrastructure and surroundings. 


Note to my self:

  1. start from computer , upload maps to Digimaps (1000*2600 size)
  2. taking pictures (how site/location changes from day t night /do a time line)
  3. areal photo (google earth) (design lines are where people cut through ways)
  4. show location in relationship to main sites around (city centre/ coast/road)
  5. be creative in communication but consistent /build a language to communicate 
  6. communicate the sun paths (where you build in relation to sun)
  7. think about air circulation 

Right to Light - consultant

  • protect neighbors right to light (one level buildings)
  • affect the venue of the building 
  • affects dence residental areas





I’m trying to combine my prime design idea of spheres that I’m still working on developing and making it more complex. But now I’m also looking at sites I want to build it in and who will interact with it. Over the lesson time I developed a series of drawing to develop my design even further and that made me look in tho more designer architect asn sculptors who worked around or where some who related to spheres. One of the sculptor was Ruth Asawa who’s fragile balloon-like artworks made me think about connections between the spheres  made.
The location I choose were mountains i like the idea of my building being interacted with nature. I was introduced to a Giant Causeway a natural phenomena ,interlocking basalt columns, the result of an ancient volcanic eruption. Was design the platform and i had few ideas of how to make it one of them was to create a wood platform with three sticks and cover it with fabric then pour plaster over for a snow like effect, another idea was to make a completely wooden base with wood spikes rising through with different level.